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I wouldn't be surprised if you found me via Instagram but however you got here, WELCOME! My name is D'Anthony J and I am a Jack of all Trades. 

By day, I am a Digital and Influencer Strategist at a leading PR agency in New York City and Adjunct Professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. By night, I build things that help people who are like me.


My passions vary from music, food, travel, reading, writing -- you name it. I find joy in just about anything. My friends would probably say I am the busiest out the bunch but I pride myself on efficiencies and solving problems. And my family would say I laugh at anything but I would challenge that and say I have the best sense of humor. Well with that said, it's been nice chatting with you. Scroll down and learn more. 



D'Anthony Is


D'Anthony Jackson

many things but first he is a son, a brother, a cousin, a uncle, and a friend. He is also an author, founder, strategist, and creator who enjoys telling stories. Most recently quoted in Business Insider for work he and a team of diverse group of colleagues are leading to drive positive change in the Influencer Marketing Industry. 

He is the Founder of Globly, a diversity focused digital and influencer platform that helps influencers/creators of color and small Black business owners. He is also the co founder of the National Millennial Community, a community that was established to dispel the negative stereotypes and myths often ascribed to millennials that has expanded to more than 40 states and has over 500 members and alumni. Companies include Google, Coca-Cola, GM, Warner Brothers, UPS, Walt Disney to name a few.

He received his masters degree in public relations from The University of Southern Mississippi where he served as the managing director of The Agency, a student-run PR Agency on campus, leading key work for the school and local businesses. 

Before his masters, he received his bachelors degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from The University of West Alabama where he served as SGA President and President of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.

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I am big on community and one of the ways to feed that passion is to develop spaces for people like me. For people who want to change the world. For people looking for spaces to be creative and learn about life. That's why I spend my free time (and sometimes not so free time) investing in these. 

Counterpropaganda Making activism more personal and accessible through creativity and storytelling.


Leading platform for diverse/creators of color and Black small business owners to launch new site soon.

The National Millennial Community 

a community that was established to dispel the negative stereotypes and myths often ascribed to millennials